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Transition Committee

The Standing Committee of the Diocese of Bethlehem is pleased to announce the approved slate of nominees received from the Search Committee for the IX Bishop of Bethlehem. Information about the nominees can be found on the nominees tab of this website.

O ur prayerful search for the IX Bishop of Bethlehem

Welcome to this site. We invite you to join us in our search for our next Bishop.

We, the nearly 12,000 baptized persons of the Diocese of Bethlehem, welcome all to share in the bread of God's call to be the Jesus Movement in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

We are 58 congregations, a few larger, many small, and some in between. We are found in urban, suburban, and rural contexts. Wherever we are and however we are resourced, we love God, and all of us set our minds and hearts on mission. That mission has life in the communities God has placed us and reaches as far as South Sudan.

Like many places, the landscape of how we are church and where we have been church is shifting and our challenges are real. Make no mistake however, we know Grace, and our hearts are filled with gratitude. We look to the future with courage in our hearts and in faithfulness to our God.

V ideos

F ollow Us!

Our Prayer

You constantly call us, Lord, to ventures of which we cannot see the ending,
by paths as yet untrodden, through perils yet unknown.
Open our eyes that we might see your work in the world around us.
Open our ears that we might hear your voice as it calls us forward.
Open our hearts that we might experience your healing and redeeming love.

Grant to those who shall help us choose the candidates we will consider for election as our next bishop, the graces of strength, imagination, endurance, and the gift of companionship as they fulfill their charge.

Be an ever present guide for each person who seeks to enter our search for our next bishop. Sustain them with courage and strength for self-awareness and understanding of how they might be a faithful pastor in leadership and service, equipping us for our ministries

And finally, give to the people of our diocese good courage, since we may not now know where you would have us to go but trust that it is your hand that leads us and your love that sustains us in this journey. We pray in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord.


Bishop Search
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